Game of Life’s Dangerous Lover – Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy

Game of Life’s Dangerous Lover – Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy

Ludanshi’s wild imagination, Zuma Long’s serious innocence and daydreaming, Palma’s meticulous craftsmanship and old money style… combined with names that are full of stories, you can’t let go of any of them.

Perfume has character and life. The scent can be deeply stored in your memory for decades. When you get old, you can take it out and spray it, immediately transporting yourself to the moment when you fell in love with someone.Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy

Salon fragrances have character, and compared to the exquisite beauty of commercial fragrances, salon fragrances seem more human. By Kilian is one of the rare fragrance brands in the salon fragrance world that has a “character.” The overall tone of the brand is luxurious, dark, and tempting, full of ambiguous and passionate love. Once you enter the world of By Kilian, you will find that it is not just a fragrance brand, but more like a slice of life, belonging to the wanderers of the game of life.

The Black Masterpiece series is very classic and has directly established the reputation of By Kilian.

Similar to the Black Masterpiece style, there are also the Gardens of Good and Evil series, Addictive State of Mind series, Art of Love series… all revolving around the “sexy” label. If you give it to your crush or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, as long as he has a bit of taste, he will surely understand your intentions.

Interestingly, By Kilian first launched the Black Masterpiece series, which includes ten fragrances with themes revolving around love and temptation, heaven and taboos, reflecting the combination of spirit and flesh, the contrast between heaven and hell. Elements such as lemon, cardamom, labdanum, oak, tobacco, cedar, etc., are skillfully blended to create an addictive scent that awakens the most authentic desires in the depths of the human heart.

Water Calligraphy and Bamboo Harmony

Asian Collection

Bamboo Harmony

Today, By Kilian has a very rich product line, with a total of 11 series, belonging to four major fragrance lines: The Fresh (light and elegant style), The Narcotics (floral and fruity themes), The Cellars (woody fragrances with a dark and luxurious tone), and The Smokes (smoky fragrances that combine bitterness, sweetness, and heaviness). The products also vary greatly, covering all consumer groups with specific fragrance preferences.

I must commend Kilian for having a great imagination when it comes to naming fragrances, and they are exceptionally apt. Some names can summarize the general fragrance notes, such as Imperial Tea, Amber Oud; some are very poetic and mysterious, such as Deep in the Bamboo Forest, Smoke for the Soul; and some are very personal and ignite your curiosity, such as “I Don’t Need a Prince by My Side” and “Good Girl Gone Bad.”

No.73 bamboo harmony


Luxury Price: $245

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No.69 good girl gone bad2012


Luxury Price: $245

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Good Girl Gone Bad

Fragrance Notes: Woody Floral

Top Notes: Jasmine, Osmanthus, Rose

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Narcissus, Milk

Base Notes: Amber, Cedar

This is By Kilian’s bestselling fragrance, already half-popular, reaching the lives of the general public and even celebrities. The name symbolizes the original sin, the transformation from a good girl to a bad girl when Eve ate the apple.
It opens with a rich floral scent, very feminine, as every girl has a dream of becoming a lady during her teenage years. The middle notes transition to a strong peach milk fragrance, reminiscent of the sweet and tempting nature of a young girl. The base notes of tobacco and cedar bring it to a close. Good girls all have the impulse to go bad, but the overall tone is neither vulgar nor decadent. It is suitable for mature girls who have princess dreams, allowing you to sleep peacefully in a castle and wander through sweet and melancholic dreams.”


No.74 love,dont be shy

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