Love Don’t Be Shy, the fragrance loved by celebrities and considered the best by men

Kilian Hennessy, the founder, is the heir to the Hennessy Group, a subsidiary of the LVMH conglomerate. He is a handsome man who often endorses his own perfumes.

Kilian fragrances are known for their exquisite packaging, predominantly featuring black and white colors. The designs and craftsmanship are highly commendable, with intricate embossing and inlay techniques that are truly impressive.

Top notes: Neroli, Orange Blossom, Pink Pepper, Coriander

Middle notes: Iris, Jasmine, Rose, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom

Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, Civet, Caramel, Tolu Balsam

No.74 love,dont be shy


Luxury Price: $245

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One of the most played songs in my recent playlist is “I Know You Know I Love You” by Sunset Rollercoaster. I love the entire band’s style, both in terms of melody and lyrics. I even took the time to read the comments on this song on Netease Cloud Music, and one comment stood out to me. It went something like this: “During a live performance by Sunset Rollercoaster, a girl wanted to confess her love to her beloved girl. But when she got on stage, she couldn’t find her girl because everyone was so tall. She said, ‘I can’t find my girl, everyone is so tall.’ Then, everyone in the audience crouched down, leaving only one girl in a black hoodie standing in surprise, covering her mouth.

This girl sang a song for her beloved, expressing beautiful words of love like moonlight.

Finally, the band also performed this song to express their blessings. I already liked Sunset Rollercoaster, but after reading this sweet comment, I love this song even more. I really admire the courage of the girl and envy the sweet memory she created in her love story with her beloved.

usually I can’t accept sweet fragrances, as I simply feel they don’t suit me. However, this fragrance is an exception.

Personally, I find that perfumes with white floral notes generally appeal to my taste.

The initial cotton candy (or syrup) scent upon application is not the kind that overwhelms with sweetness, but rather a dense sweetness that most people can accept and still want to smell.

As it settles, the fragrance gradually transitions into a more courageous musk,and  I refer to it as a courageous musk because the preceding scents are all sweet and pink bubble-like,and which are more shy and secretive. But if you want to love boldly, don’t be shy, of course it requires some courage! So One thing you don’t have to worry about with Kilian fragrances ,yes is their longevity.

But One spray lasts the whole day.

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