How to layer Not a Perfume, and what does feminism smell like?

In recent years, feminist topics have become increasingly popular. The #MeToo movement, sparked by Hollywood’s sexual assault scandals, has swept the globe. Movies like “Why Did You Kill Me?” have sparked widespread debates on women’s rights and status. In South Korea, the film “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982” has ignited intense discussions on social issues. In China, feminist activists have been speaking out against gender inequality, while some individuals falsely claim to be feminists for personal gain.

Not A Perfume

Some people mock feminism without realizing that women were once denied the right to work and were only seen as property of their fathers or husbands. Today, women around the world have access to education, maternity leave in the workplace, and preferential retirement rights. These rights, which may seem obvious, were fought for by brave female warriors who faced discrimination and oppression.

When it comes to feminism, we cannot ignore Juliette Has a Gun. This French salon fragrance brand offers only women’s perfumes, candles, and fragrance accessories. The brand’s name refers to Shakespeare’s innocent Juliette transported to the 21st century, armed with perfume as a metaphor for seduction. Their philosophy is to turn perfume craftsmanship into an art form.


Juliette, armed with perfume, breaks free from the societal constraints imposed on women in Shakespeare’s era. She indulges in pleasure, exudes sexiness, loves herself, and is both charming and dangerous, romantic yet ruthless.

Juliette is beautiful, but she does not exist for the gaze of men. However, her gun is aimed precisely at those who have hurt her.

Imixxperfumes, following the footsteps of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, promotes the concept of layering fragrances to create a personalized scent. This method has turned the disadvantage of short longevity into an opportunity, making it a popular trend. Juliette Has a Gun adopts this approach and adds a clever twist: just as makeup requires a base, you can also apply a base fragrance before spraying any other perfume. This base fragrance is their star product, “Not A Perfume.”

Not A Perfume, known as “a thousand scents for a thousand people,” is made with only one ingredient, Cetalox.

This is actually a fragrance enhancer commonly found in many perfume formulas. As a result, this fragrance does not have the typical top, middle, and base notes like traditional perfumes. Instead, it evolves based on the user’s body temperature, natural body scent, and the other fragrances layered with it. It is not a perfume per se, but it stands out with its creativity and wide appeal.

This fragrance is a bold and minimalist innovation that is definitely worth a try.

It is the only perfume in the world that uses rare Cetalox as its sole fragrance ingredient, and its molecular power is hundreds of times stronger than regular perfumes.

The unique molecules in this fragrance have a distinct and clean soapy scent or musk-like aroma that cannot be matched with any familiar scent from memory.

Compared to other emotionally driven Juliette Has a Gun fragrances, Not A Perfume takes a minimalist and cool approach. With hints of citrus and orange blossom, it has a slight acidity and a delicate touch provided by Cetalox. It has a cool and natural green feel, like the first breeze you feel when you open a window, bringing greetings from distant grass and leaves.

How to layer this fragrance?

“Layering” or simultaneously using more than one fragrance can be a risky adventure. If you mix conflicting scents, the result can be visually chaotic, like randomly grabbing clothes from the wardrobe while half-asleep.

  1. The safest choice for layering is citrus fragrances, which can add a touch of freshness to many perfumes without overpowering their main floral or woody notes. If you have a citrus fragrance that you’re eager to finish, try layering it with other perfumes.
  2. The order of layering is to first apply the stronger fragrance and then the lighter one, allowing the second fragrance to blend well with the base notes of the first fragrance. (You can also mix Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum by applying the Eau de Parfum first and then the Eau de Toilette.)
  3. Choose fragrances with shared scent profiles, such as both having green notes, rose scents, or vanilla undertones.
  4. Experiment with classic fragrance combinations. For example, Not A Perfume can be layered with almost any perfume because it acts as an amplifier. It’s worth trying to see what magical chemical effects you can create.
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