Everyone says these are the top 5 Le Labo fragrance worth trying.. PART 2

In 2006, Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot founded this niche perfume brand in New York. Prior to that, they had worked together at Armani Perfumes. They grew tired of creating mass-market fragrances without soul, so they both quit and decided to start their own brand, telling their own stories. (Well, they were a couple of young, ambitious individuals who were lucky enough to find like-minded people.)

Continuing from the previous article, let’s dive into a few Le Labo fragrances that are truly worth buying.

Le Labo fragrance Baie 19

This fragrance holds a special place for me; it reminds me of the scent before a storm during my childhood. I would repurchase it forever, but I won’t strongly recommend it because not everyone likes it. Fragrance is something you have to smell for yourself to find true love, so I don’t blind-buy it. Different strokes for different folks, just like with art and teaching. Everyone has unique preferences. I believe that the things you want to say and the power you want to unleash should be explored slowly until you find a fragrance that you keep repurchasing. Baie 19 has always provided me with a flat, private, and gentle self-time. Some scents are meant for oneself, not to be shared with others. Some of my paintings are just as whimsical.

My favorite times are when I drink tea and read, when I knit with knitting needles, when I eagerly anticipate my daily coffee, and when oranges come into season during autumn and winter. Peeling them and experiencing the burst of cool and transparent aroma in my mouth.

Some things may disrupt our understanding of ourselves, and lately, I’ve been learning to be aware and observe my own condition. I’ve discovered that many things can be resolved.

I also believe that everyone is capable of loving and being loved.

Le Labo fragrance 49 Ylang

Notes: Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Oakmoss

Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Benzoin

① As soon as it touches your skin, you can sense a slight indole note, but it’s not foul, rather it has a certain texture. Ylang’s presence is strong, and with the coolness of gardenia and the support of oakmoss, this floral fragrance leans towards a more vintage scent, with occasional hints of aldehydes.

② The middle notes of vetiver and oakmoss provide a woody and mossy touch as an embellishment to ylang and gardenia. The middle notes are more restrained, and the woody notes brighten and soften the floral scent of ylang and gardenia, giving a delicate and elegant feeling.

③ In the base notes, the blend of oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver, and benzoin creates a very soft fragrance. The medicinal feel of oakmoss and the earthiness of vetiver give Ylang a more vintage and elegant scent, with a touch of old-world charm.

No.64 ylang 49 2013


Luxury Price: $196

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