Tom Ford Oud Wood Clone by imixxperfumes – is it really worth buying?

I have smelled several bottles of fragrances on the market that claim to be substitutes for Oud Wood, but they all seem quite different from the original in terms of scent structure and overall atmosphere. It makes me wonder if these so-called substitutes actually contain oud wood. After all, oud wood essence in perfumes is relatively expensive, and few people are willing to spend a fortune to experience the real deal.

However, this fragrance from imixxperfumes can truly be considered a ‘perfect substitute.’ It has received consistent positive reviews when given as a gift, and nine out of ten people discuss how similar it is to Tom Ford Oud Wood. Some people even mistook it for the original fragrance. In its price range, it really stands out!

I sprayed Oud Wood on my left wrist and the imixxperfumes clone on my right wrist, and when I asked my friends to smell them, they all said, ‘Isn’t this the same fragrance?’ Most fragrance substitutes don’t capture the top notes accurately, but this one does an excellent job of replicating the sweet and silky scent of oud wood from the opening. The subtle sweetness of vanilla and rosewood balances the intense woody aroma. After the initial spray, it immediately transitions into the scent of oud wood. The rose and jasmine notes are barely noticeable, while the dominant presence of pepper adds a strong spicy kick that complements the slight sweetness of the top notes. A hint of tobacco and leather serves as subtle accents to the star of the show, oud wood.

No.48 oud wood


Luxury Price: $263

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The balance of various spices is well-executed, and the addition of benzoin and amber gives this fragrance a warm and sensual feel, like the winter sun wrapping around your body.

At less than one-tenth of the price, with a high similarity in scent and excellent bottle quality, it’s a no-brainer. Close your eyes and indulge!

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No.48 oud wood

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