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Why can Imixx’s fragrance have more than 98.3% similarity to luxury perfumes? 

Why can IMIXX be more than 98.3% same to luxury perfumes? 

What’s Imixx three-phase chromatography analysis?

It is a chromatographic method based on gas as the mobile phase. The original sample of luxury perfume is analyzed by an automatic sampler, and further compared with a database of 500,000 raw materials, so as to obtain the specific formula ingredients and their proportions.We spent millions of dollars in purchasing Agilent Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry and Agilent Gas Molecular Spectrometers, and spent several years building a database of 500,000 luxury perfume ingredients. If we wish, we can even find out the composition of ancient Egyptian perfumes in 300 BC by our three-phase chromatography.

No nose on the earth can tell the difference between the scents of Imixx and luxury perfumes!

We use the best raw materials that we can find.

Even if it costs a lot of money, we still deacidize the raw materials of luxury scent by 100% to create the true scent of luxury goods.

We invest heavily to ensure we use the same raw materials as luxury perfumes, to create the same fragrance. Orange blossoms from Tunisia, tube-roses and roses from France, Sichuan peppercorns from China and pink peppers from Greece. Our 5 perfumers searched all over the world for the best raw materials, and finally created a real luxury fragrance for you, and it costs only 25% of the luxury brands!

Imixx,only pay for the scent,no extra cost on fancy bottles and more.

One bottle model is enough!

Luxury perfumes spend a lot in hiring renowned designers to design bottles of various shapes and sizes. Different colors represent different genders; different materials go with different fragrances. However, for Imixx, we emphasize in creation of memories of different fragrances, and we believe one bottle model is enough. It is just a simple, ordinary-looking glass bottle goes with a plain lid, without gender identifications and any kinds of polishing.

No fancy cardboard boxes. We only have one type of sponge package which is perfect for long distance shipping!

Instead of expensive cardboard boxes, we use the latest environment-friendly sponge, the main composition of which is recycled wood pulp fiber. Our sponge package is ideal for long-distance shipping by effectively protecting the glass bottle from damage. We believe that a good design not only solves problems but also looks absolutely great.
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